Disasters are on the rise and this trend is set to continue, driven by urbanization, the degradation of natural ecosystems, and climate change.  As reflected in goals 1, 11, and 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, natural disasters pose a serious threat to sustainable development and healthy communities.

Many communities around the world are affected by droughts, earthquakes, wildfires, floods, pandemics, and other natural disasters. The impact of disasters has been devastating, affecting billions of people, and resulting in millions of casualties.

The AB InBev Foundation aims to reduce disaster risk and support relief and recovery efforts whenever disasters occur. We are working together with AB InBev and its companies to play a positive role in building communities that are more resilient to disasters by working alongside government, civil society, and other private sector organizations. When disasters do occur, we partner with AB InBev companies to provide emergency drinking water, and nutritional and medical aid.

Most recently, we have leveraged the resources of AB InBev to support our local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic through programs such as the donation of hand sanitizers and other PPE, and vaccination drives and awareness campaigns.